A Bears Tale Book

A Bear’s Tale of the Lewis & Clark Expedition
By Julia Faircloth and Judy Nansel. Illustrated by Judy Nansel.

      Lewis and Clark are bear explorers who set out to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean. Follow along with them as Lewis and Clark (and fellow bears Sacajawea, Pomp, and Charbonneau) travel up rivers and over mountains along the historic Lewis and Clark route. The easy reading and expressive illustrations tell a complex story in a simple and exciting way. This delightful book is bound with real suede fringe that gives it an authentic appeal. It is a “must-have” for Lewis and Clark collectors of all ages. This fun little book was written and illustrated by Renee Elpel’s mother and aunt. ISBN: 1-892784-19-X. 60 pages. Paperback with suede fringe. March 2005. $7.00.

About the Authors:
Julia Faircloth founded Purple Cow Creations in Newberg, Oregon. Her company manufactures Peek-A-Boo Pillows® with a hidden surprise inside each pillow. She is the mother of three, grandmother of four and has been a foster parent to over thirty-five children. Her love of children is the inspiration for her writing.

Julia’s sister Judy Nansel is an accomplished artist in Bozeman, Montana. Many of her drawings have been published in the “Butte Heritage Cookbook”. Her business, The Artshoppe, .com has won national awards for picture framing and design. Judy loves Western American history and enjoys creating Montana landscapes and drawings of historical places. She is the mother of four and grandmother of eleven.A bears tale of the lewis and clark expedition

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