About us

This site is dedicated to Nellie Perry, mother and grandmother.   She loved the poem:  I Never Saw A Purple Cow, I Never Hope to See One.  But I can tell you anyhow, I’d rather see than be one.

Site owners, Judy Nansel and Julia Faircloth self- published their first book titled “A Bear’s Tale of the Lewis and Clark Expedition” in March 2005.  During the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, both sisters were inspired to work together on a project that would tell the story of the expedition in a unique and fun manner.  Their original intention was to simply put together a few pages about explorer bears traveling along the Lewis and Clark trail.  Eventually the simple project evolved into a 65 page book. The delightful book tells about bear explorers Lewis, Clark, Sacajewea, Pomp and Charbonneau who follow the historic Lewis and Clark Route all the way to the Pacific Coast.  In simple terms the book explains why and how the journey began and mentions historic places visited by the real explorers,  Lewis and Clark.  It was a fun project for them from beginning to end.     

The book can be purchased at Julia’s website:  www.purplecowcreations.com or at Judy’s site:  www.frameitup.com